Loud house fanfiction lincoln injured

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Loud house fanfiction lincoln injured

She opens the door and comes across a sleeping Lincoln. Lori: He's just literally so cute when he's sleeping. Instead of sleeping with Lincoln, Lori lowers her left hand towards Lincoln's nether regions.

Lori: [shushes him] Everything's OK. And for the record, I've always loved you, ever since you were born. Both as a brother So, Lori pulls him in for a deeper, more passionate kiss.

All the while, she is gently caressing Lincoln's special areas. Lori: [breaks the kiss; reassuring] Just relax, Lincoln. I would never do anything to hurt my precious baby brother.

Lincoln: But we're brother and sister. Brothers, nor sisters, can't do this sort of thing. Lori: Oh, nonsense, Linky. Is it so wrong for a sister to show her younger brother how much she loves him? Then, she traps him in a tight hug, so that his face is right in the middle of her large breasts. Lori: [fobdlesI originally wanted to do more tonight, but we can do it some time tomorrow.

Just you and me, and no one else. Well, sweet dreams, Linky. But each time he did, a sleeping Lori pulls him in closer to her breasts. Lincoln: [muffled; to the readers] How do I get myself into situations like this?

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Loud House. Lori Loud loves her little brother, Lincoln, very, very much. She really wants to spend some alone time with him, any time she can.

Wake up. Lincoln: [wakes up] Huh? What are you- Lori: [shushes him] Everything's OK. Lincoln: I love you too, Lori. But, as long as- Lori: Great!

I love you too, little bro. The Prologue 2. The Actual Bonding 3. The Bubble Bath 6. The Love In The Bathroom 7. The Experimentation 8.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close WorkingBad Luck AU. This is supposed to be different from all the other Bad Luck AU's out there. Let us be honest their all pretty much the same. Lincoln wears the suit. He gets mad. He runs away or he murders his family. I am going to try to go in a different direction than that. Be warned my spelling and grammar is not the best, so bear with me. Without further ado, let us get started.

It was the day at the beach. Normally this would be a good thing. Lots of sun, hotdogs hamburgers. Making sandcastles, burying each other. However, sadly this was not the case for a young boy in a squirrel costume. Lincoln Loud, after finally convincing his family that he was not bad luck, was able to spend time with them again.

Only in the squirrel costume. He spent a majority of the day on the blanket that his family owned trying to stay in the shade of the umbrella.

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Lincoln was dying in that thing, but whenever he tried to tell his family, they just told him to keep it on. Lucky for him, there was a little hole in the mouth so his mom put a straw in a water bottle and gave it to him so he could at least drink.

The Loud House Sad Moments

At the end of the day when they all went home, the first thing Lincoln did, since he was still in the costume, was go upstairs into the bathroom rip the costume off and take as cold of a shower as he could. He didn't even bother to take off his clothes.

He just sat there, in the fetal position, letting the cold water cool him down. He felt like he would never cool off. After about ten minutes, he moved his hand to the nozzle to turn the water off, and he proceeded to just lay in the tub.

loud house fanfiction lincoln injured

He did not want to move, He didn't have the energy. He moved himself up in a sitting position, and looked to his left, seeing where he threw the wretched suit. His mind went back to when he first put it on. Looks like Lola wants her turn. He got up, looked at himself in the mirror, and almost screamed. His body was covered in heat rashes. If his sisters saw him like this, god only knows what they will do to him.

He looked around the bathroom and found the towels; he took two and wrapped them around his body.

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He grabbed the suit in his hands so his arms would be covered. He unlocked the door and then walked to his room with haste. When he got there, it was as expected. Everything was gone.As the "play" button is hit, the video comes to life, showing a very solemn looking Lincoln Loud. The white-haired boy rubs the back of his head and seems to have trouble trying to find the words. Eventually, after a few stuttering false-starts, the boy with the chipped bucktooth finds his voice.

My name is Lincoln Loud, I am eleven years old and I live, or, by the time you're watching this, lived, in Royal Woods, Michigan with my ten sisters and my parents.

(Fanfic) Pain Course

Why I'm making this video and…why I am about to do, or "what I did from your perspectives" what I'm sure you've all heard about when you finally got bored and started watching this. He let it out and turned a little pale as a single tear fell down his cheek. He cried silently for a moment before speaking again. I have been humiliated and disgraced more times than I can count.

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I have been blamed for things that I have not done and the things that I have? No one ever lets me live it down no matter how hard I try to make things right. Lincoln reaches offscreen and pulls up a small "trophy", something that looked little more than a small piece of homemade junk that read "World's Most Improved Brother".

A couple of months ago, there was this contest at school, you all know the one. It was a funny video contest. I got some advice from my sister Luan on how to win the contest and finally get a trophy. I always wanted a trophy and I have never won anything before in my life.

My sisters all had the trophy case in our living room filled up with so many trophies, making mom and dad proud while I didn't. I just wanted to not feel so inadequate. She didn't tell me about how I needed to ask permission before posting the videos. My sisters hated me, and I don't blame them, I humiliated them. Everyone was laughing about them. To make it up to them, I deleted the videos and posted a new one showing all MY embarrassing moments.

You all laughed, I didn't win the contest and make mom and dad proud, Cristina moved to a new class, you all know how that went down.

They gave me that "award" later to make me feel better…and it did…at first. But it eventually became a reminder that pity was the only thing I had earned, not a trophy, not an award. I humiliated them, and I was so happy that you all stopped laughing at them that I thought I could take you guys singling me out. I did…but only if that had been the only time.

You guys and Mrs. Johnson all got mad at me because my family was wasting so much energy and stuff…there are thirteen people living in my house! I tried!

loud house fanfiction lincoln injured

I guilted them into stopping using so much power and stuff and they started wearing potato sacks and stopped showering and got all smelly…you guys weren't mad anymore, but I had to do something selfish and have a video game competition with Clyde and then he mentioned it at school and some guys came over…I didn't have the guts to kick you guys out and my sisters got angry.

They stopped talking to me and to make it up to them and make my grade go right still I had to go through all this stuff…and I got all stinky and smelly…you guys still made me an outcast. I didn't even want to be on the team.

My parents made me because I was dragging my feet while they were on a crazy exercise kick and wanted me to be "healthy". I definitely learned a lesson that day…that I am not worth anything. Dad was so proud…of Lynn when he thought she was me. When I had to come clean when Lynn got hurt, I screwed up and the rest of my team beat the tar out of me after I was booed off the field. While I was being loaded onto the stretcher, my Mom was scolding me…how I should've been honest…while I was being sent to the hospital.

And I got grounded afterwards, I couldn't leave my bed anyway, broken bones and all. No one would talk to me for weeks at school and the football team still gives me trouble. The toilet gets clogged and when they all blame me, I get in trouble and I didn't even do it…at least not that time anyway.I'd like to say this up front; this will not be a Lincoln torture story.

This fanfiction will first and foremost explore the idea of Lincoln's sisters doing everything that they possibly can to help their brother in a time of need. So, this will be quite the opposite of a torture fic, if you think about it. This is no satire. There will be no crazy subplots. The story will not change drastically halfway through. I'm putting forward my best effort here, and I hope that you, dear reader, will see this reflected in this story. Above all else, though, I hope you enjoy!

The brown, spiral pigskin flew through the air, twirling all the way before landing in Lincoln's hands.

He grabbed the football, faltered a bit, but was able to quickly regain his balance and continue his charge down to the other end of the Loud residence backyard. There was nobody in his way. The end was in sight. Within a few seconds, Lincoln knew that he would be scoring his first point since the start of the game.

He stole a look backward, only to see Lynn fast approaching him. She looked determined. Still, Lincoln had plenty of space between him and his older sister. He'd make it. Lynn, who had stopped her charge by now, crossed her arms and glared at her brother in anger. The Loud siblings, save for Lola who didn't want to get her dress dirtyLisa who was too busy to step away from her workand Lily who was an infant were in the backyard playing a friendly game of touch football.

The match had started with Lynn recruiting Lincoln to simply pass the ball back and forth with her, but more and more sisters joined, and eventually, a game was born.And this chapter was well worth staying up all night for to complete.

Chapter three is in the works as we speak, and it should be up in about a week if I type 2 or 3 pages a day. Lincoln's injuries were so severe in a situation like this, that Rita and Lynn Sr simply could not wait on an ambulance to come get him and take him to the hospital. They had to take matters into their own hands. Because first of all, when you call they do not make it there on time for anything. And second of all, for all they know Lincoln could have died right there on the spot if he had taken more damage for a boy his size and age.

So it would have been no need to call for an ambulance, but instead a funeral home to make arrangements to bury their only son.

loud house fanfiction lincoln injured

As Lincoln's parents scooped him up and carried him into vanzilla, the rest of their children wanted to come with them to make sure Lincoln was okay.

Not all of them could go because some of them were too young to stay up this late. And they were a little too young to understand what was going on with their brother. Well except for Lisa who pretty much knows everything. So that meant Lucy, Lynn, Luna and Leni got to go with them to the hospital. Luan pretty much went into hiding somewhere in the house.

Too guilty to even go to the hospital to see how bad Lincoln's injuries were that she caused. The ride to the hospital was unrelaxing and nerve racking to say the least. Lincoln was lying down in the row of seats behind his parents. Right in between Lucy and Luna who were trying to talk to him and try to get an answer out of him, but they were left with a steady heartbeat coming from the child. Lynn was in the back seat holding his left hand, slowly squeezing it every once in awhile to see if Lincoln could feel it and wake up.

But that didn't work either. Soon all of his sisters that was in the car all start to form tears in their eyes as their hearts raced as the worst possible outcomes started to form in the back of their minds.

It had to be no more than 10 minutes to get to the nearest hospital in their area. It would have been 20 if Lynn Sr didn't push the pedal to the metal and make all the lights on the way over there.

When they arrived at the hospital, he was taken into children's section of the hospital. Where they specialize in situations like hit and runs, kids running with scissors, you know normal daily accidents that involve children getting hurt.

The partial family watched their son and brother rushed to the ER on a gurney and go past the double doors. The doctors told them that they can wait in the waiting room until they get a full diagnostics of injuries that Lincoln has at the moment. The doctor also said that he will most likely go through surgery. Something that almost none of them wanted to hear, but they expected it considering he has a broken arm.

And that's just one of his injuries. The Louds arrived at the hospital at around pm. They were now sitting in the waiting room for almost 20 to 30 minutes, and it was possibly one of the longest 20 to 30 minutes they all had to sit through. And for it being only a little bit past pm, there was no one in the waiting room besides them because of the circumstances. A small breeze could be felt in the air as it runs across and through the threads of their night wear.

Of course they didn't throw on their normal clothes because nobody has time for that in a life or death situation, so they just threw on some shoes, a jacket, and some pants in Leni, and Luna's case since all they were when they go to bed.

So they quickly ran to through on something on their legs and hit the road.Title and most of Luan 's puns courtesy of Pun Generator. So, yeah, I tried to make another fanfic with a better idea while I'm waiting for ideas for a Luna Loud -related fanfiction the Luna idea was from the Special:RandominCategory bingo ft.

This is inspired by the Season 2 episode Lynner Takes All. Teaching Lynn to be a good sport wasn't enough. Tired of Lynn's harm, the rest of the Loud siblings have to redeem her, but it's not going to be easy when they redeem her in two ways by separating themselves into two teams.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Title and most of Luan 's puns courtesy of Pun Generator So, yeah, I tried to make another fanfic with a better idea while I'm waiting for ideas for a Luna Loud -related fanfiction the Luna idea was from the Special:RandominCategory bingo ft. Contents [ show ]. Cut to Lincoln opening his room door and going out, with chaos happening in the upstairs hallway as usual.

Lynn comes out of her and Lucy's room, dressed as Lunatic Lynn. He drinks a little milk from said carton, puts it back into the fridge and turns around to leave, zooming out only to reveal Lynn has walked there too. Lynn : It's go time!

Cue sounds of Lincoln screaming as Lynn injures him Lynn : offscreen You said you would be my sparring partner for the second time! Lincoln : groans in a very injured tone later at the outside of the Loud house again, Lucy opens the kitchen door to the exterior of the house. It reveals Lynn is playing ball with the Edwin bust Lynn : Catch!

Lynn : I'm playing catch with him! Lucy : You do realize you are trying to break Edwin, right? Lynn : angrily Oh, so you wanna fight, eh? Bring it on! Lynn and Lucy fight later, it cuts to Lori and Leni's room where the siblings, except Lynn, are having a sibling meeting Lori : Everyone! We are gathered here today for us to perform a serious action! We are tired of the harm from one of our siblings, Lynn Loud. Does anyone have any ideas on what should we do to her to stop this?

Casted Away

Lincoln : Being a somewhat common victim of Lynn's harm, I say we should do it the easy way: we will dodge Lynn's harm using Lisa's inventions, and when she gets confused enough we should tell her very nicely to stop the harm she's causing, and she might listen to us. Either that, or we'll do the hard way by hurting her back, if that's crazy enough to even work.Lincoln looks dejectedly to his feet.

After a few hours of walking he sees a sign, reading it aloud to himself, "Michigan State Line".

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The only son of the Loud family, looks behind him, "Family doesn't want me, so is there any reason to turn back? Lola walked by brushing her hair, "Duh, we gave him his breakfast and talked to him, probably with Clyde or something. Lynn Jr. You know because of his bad luck," she shouted to the rest of the family. Rita walks over to the kitchen window opening it and then sticking her head out. She calls out to her son, "Lincoln, we're leaving for your sister's game, we'll be back tonight after we celebrate.

Before it was yanked from her grasp by Lynn, "Hey, come on. Lynn was rocking in her seat nervously, before a voice spoke up to calm her, "Acshually, from my calculations," she nasally said as she pushed up her glasses, "An action like that wouldn't be bashed on luck. To shcope the comp, as the term goes, with Lynn's notoriety it would be almost a shtatistical shertainty the other team would get a leg up by planning around her. Leaping up to stand on her seat, "Yeah see, statistical certainty, I'm in the clear," the athlete cheered.

Lincoln had been walking all the daylight hours, he had passed numerous city limit signs in his time walking and his stomach as growling fiercely. The boy started to feel sorry for himself when he stumbled over a pothole, "Dang it, stupid feet, stupid ground, stupid twenty-dollar bill," pausing his rant, "Wait twenty-dollar bill.

I can get some food with that. Before the feeling of the cold weather hit him. Now what? Lincoln walked a little further down the road when he got an odd feeling, "Why does this place seem familiar?

Good to go down memory lane once in a while. The girl looked over the dirty young preteen and scoffed. Lincoln cut her off, "I got money," he said quickly, understanding that he looked like a homeless kid, which when he thought about it, he technically was. He fished out the recently found bill from his pocket.

The teenager looked the scuffed-up boy over and sighed, "Dammit Belle, you're a sucker for a sad sack," she waved her hand to Lincoln, "Come along, let's get you seated. The teenager quirked her head, "Oh Buttz, yeah, I heard it got purchased a bit before April this year, thought it was going to be reopened but I guess the new owners never did nothin' with it.

Lincoln shook himself from his thoughts, before rubbing the back of his neck, "Sorry, just a random idea. Belle went around the counter to get the boy his soda, "So I reckon I should be askin' ya what a boy like you is doin' walking around these here parts. She watched as the boy sighed in relief, "Let me go and see how them fries are comin' along.

Lincoln slumped in his seat and weighed his options. When Belle returned with his food Lincoln had made a decision. At the very least it wouldn't really inconvenience him if he chose to investigate the motel first.


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